Welcome to Berlin

German Sausages

At Mahlzeit we serve authentic German Sausages like you get them at every nook and corner of Berlin and other parts of Germany. 

Burgers and Döner

Germanys most popular Street Food, the Döner Kebab in its most authentic Avatar and great Burgers are what we serve you at Mahlzeit.

Club Mate

For the first time in India! Club Mate, the cult drink  brewed since 1924 in Bavaria, Germany. Don't wait to try it yourself at Mahlzeit.

Our Philosophy

Fresh first! Even though our cuisine is meant to be Fast Food in Germany, we prepare everything fresh every day. We make our own sauces (try our yum burger mayonnaise), marinate our own meats and cut our own Fries. That takes time and effort, hence, we prefer slow food as a term. You will notice once you bite into one of our dishes. This is not the regular Fast Food. This is as good as homemade.

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